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    First off, my apologies if this has been covered in another thread or should be in another forum - I did a search and couldn't find anyone having the same issue.

    The problem - More often than not, my GMail account (BIS) does not sync with the BB for HOURS. Outside of yesterday's outage, I'll typically have at least a 2-3 hour delay from when things hit my Inbox to when things hit the BB. There are times, very, VERY few and far between where it's a closer sync, but that's probably 5% of the time or less. It's as if things are being cached somewhere between GMail, the BIS server, and my phone. I've done the basic troubleshooting and here are the things I've tried:

    - Resend service books.
    - Ensure GMail is set to IMAP and not POP3.
    - Delete/Re-add GMail account in BIS.
    - Battery pulls
    - Etc.

    If this is "just the way it is" with GMail, then I'll investigate getting a different email address with my phone. But, I'd prefer to keep my GMail account and have it sync as fast as my fiance's 8900 does using her email account (Fastmail). I'm using the GMail plugin and do not have the GMail app on my phone. I will remove the plugin if need be, but, don't want the app.

    Can anyone help me out here? Bold 9000, (for now), ATT. I almost always have full service, 3G. There are VERY few times where I drop to Edge, or have fewer than 3 bars.

    Thanks in advance.
    Thanks in advance.
    12-18-09 10:15 AM