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    I am using Google Sync to sync my contacts. BIS Gmail Sync to sync my calendar. BIS Contact sync was no good for address fields, before.

    I recently check and see that Google Sync is taking the first place in average CPU usage, and wonder if things are better with BIS Gmail sync nowadays.

    Can somebody tell me if Birthday, and Address fields are not a problem with BIS Gmail contact sync anymore?

    If problem still remains, I should keep on charging my device frequently because more than 2500 contacts takes a very good CPU time every 2 hours (Google Sync automatically makes a sync attempt every 2 hours) which in turn drains my battery quickly.
    09-23-12 07:07 AM
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    Any body?.
    10-19-12 03:33 PM
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    Ok, I made a test myself.

    1) BIS service is successfully adding/updating address fields on Gmail system. Addresses are now with structure. Street info on BlackBerry device goes to street info on Gmail (or vice versa). ZIP code goes to ZIP code, etc.
    2) Following fields are synced OK with Gmail or from Gmail: First Name, Last Name, Company, basic phone numbers, work address, home address, e-mail addresses (I believe up to 3), website, notes.
    2) Following fields are not synced with Gmail or from Gmail: Title, Job Title, Birthday, Anniversary

    BIS system still have some problems. I deleted everything on Gmail before starting. Activation of about 2400 contact records finished. When I check Gmail contacts I find quite a number of duplicates and just about 510 contact information including duplicates.

    I still find BIS contact sync with Gmail not a dependable solution. Will try to find a free tool other than discontinued Google Sync and check if its CPU performance is better.

    Anybody can suggest me such free tools, I do appreciate.

    10-29-12 03:40 PM