1. anon(1341046)'s Avatar
    Hi folks. This is driving me crazy! I received 2 messages from the same sender within a few minutes. One was a link and one a calendar invite. Both show in Gmail website but the calendar entry did not come to my BB. I went into the email in gmail and forwarded it to an outsite email and then forwarded it back....again does not go to my BB. No filter that would effect the emails. If I email a message from gmail to gmail it again does not go to my BB!

    Any ideas?

    I am using a Cruve 9360 with OS7.1

    03-14-12 06:36 PM
  2. anon(1341046)'s Avatar
    It looks like it is something to do with forwarding. I have a personal email address that forwards to my gmail. Any calendar entry sent to that email address comes to gmail as an ics attachment and is only available on my desktop and not my BB. Anything sent directly to my gmail address comes as a invitation and goes to my BB.
    04-13-12 06:47 PM