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    I'm using a BB Torch 9860 with 7.1. My phone is currently on a BES but I have my personal gmail account set up for personal mail, calendar and contacts.

    Initially I was only using my device for personal use. When I moved to the company i work for now, since they use BB as the corporate device I was able to BYOD my device to the BES. So now I'm using my work email on there as well.

    Before joining on the BES I would use the DM to sync my calendar and contacts on my personal PC to my Outlook.

    Now since joining BES (we use Lotus Notes as a mail client at work) my mail and calendar and tasks sync there. That's not a problem as I had turned on the wireless synching for gmail.

    I'm currently using the Google Calendar sync app on my home PC to push to my laptop any calendar appointments I add to my gmail calendar on my BB. I've set wireless sync for gmail calendar to on. I've had issues with 2 way sync doubling my appointments in the past so I kept it to push to Outlook only.

    I noticed about about a month ago that none of my appointments for gmail are synching to my desktop. I have confirmed that the calendar sync is turned on to wireless. I've toggled it on and off to see if that would restart it. They are also not located in my gmail calendar on the web so they aren't leaving the BB.

    I've checked the default services and they are both set to gmail. Strangely my contacts account lists my full email address as the account but the calendar just lists the account as Gmail.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    I'm working on the IT help desk so it's easy to get my BES account reset but I'd like to avoid it if possible. I back up my device once a week. Is there a way to fix my gmail account on here without having to delete it? How would I restore the appointments that are only on my device?

    06-11-12 06:48 PM
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    Is google sync still available on the BB?


    I know i had to use that on my 9780 to get my Gmail calendar to sync properly

    not sure if its available for OS 7 but could be worth a look
    06-13-12 04:52 AM