1. Samcolldu's Avatar
    I have Curve 9360.
    Sometimes my whatsapp uses my mobile network to access internet even when I am connected to my wifi. I also get some data charges notifications which i have no idea where they come from so I wanted to know if there's anyway I could prioritize my wifi over the mobile network
    02-13-13 08:21 AM
  2. last_attempt's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure it will default to wifi over carrier as long as you are hooked up to wifi. Atleast that's how it works on my 9360. Oh and double check that your apps are set to use wifi, as an example I have my tune in radio program set to wifi only
    03-24-13 02:17 PM
  3. nadim31's Avatar
    Check your apps to see if you can change the network options to wifi only.
    As per Vivek (from BlackBerry), he mentioned that if you are connected to wifi (and have the the BlackBerry logo on the wifi), then all data will follow the wifi network.
    03-26-13 02:03 PM

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