1. lucylucy17's Avatar
    so i recently deleted contact on bbm by mistake, when i restored my contact list vis email it didn't work even though i have my email linked to my phone. i then tried to store store it with the device option but this didn't work either. I have no other contact for this person and they dont even use facebook so without their bbpin we may have lost contact for good. iv tried everything to try and get it back. I have a bold 9700, please can someone try and help me??,
    thanks, lucy x
    04-26-12 08:44 PM
  2. Nashstruck's Avatar
    Hi Lucy,

    When you deleted the contact, it updated your email backup, rendering it useless as an option to get that contact back. Your next bet would be a backup file you might have created before, stored either on your phone or on the media card stored in your phone. Any chance you did that?

    To check try going into BBM -> Options > Restore contact list > Restore from Media card/ Device.
    You might be able to see a backup file there ending with .bak .. If not you can try going into the Files app on your device and searching for a ".bak" file and restoring it using that.

    Be careful to make a backup of your current list first onto your phone just in case it all goes up in flames!

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    04-26-12 09:22 PM
  3. wout000's Avatar
    although i'm not sure, you might want to try and look at the chat history if you save it.
    It might get deleted if it's linked with the contact, but it may just still be there.

    Check your backups and when you see a chat you recall you did with the contact just re-add the pin.
    04-27-12 04:44 AM
  4. jacobmathias's Avatar
    yeah i would check your back ups and well and see if you could re-add the pin
    04-27-12 12:27 PM
  5. Sally Rafful's Avatar
    I deleted Abraham Sheimberg from my contacts and i want my cont back. Thank you.
    06-08-13 08:30 AM