1. Fjork's Avatar
    Hullo there sorry if there is already a post for this but here goes, i have an 8300 at&t curve that is unlocked so i am using tmobile.

    Everything was working fine until i tried to update the firmware through the desktop manager. At first it got stuck during the loading process so i had to pull the battery. After several more attempts and subsequent freezes it got to the end of the update process and froze. However this time all of the new apps and the firmware made it onto the system with one small problem.

    Every 5 minutes or so it freezes and i have to do a battery pull...
    any advice on updating unlocked phones? It wont even work long enough for me to restore it to the original working settings...any help would be appreciated (and sorry if this is a nasty txt wall)

    thanks mucho
    12-29-09 04:06 PM
  2. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Looks like you'll have to reinstall the OS

    Have a read here for instructions.

    It also makes no difference whether your device is locked or unlocked.
    12-29-09 04:17 PM