1. GapBoyPCS's Avatar
    Hi folks,

    I'm wondering if people who have a Ford with SYNC and OS 7.1 are experiencing this issue. If my Hotspot is turned on and I get in my car, my 9900 and the car work fine. When I turn my car off, my 9900 will disconnect from the car but the media player automatically starts to play my mp3s.

    I'm running the Rogers release of I have a feeling it's how the BT interacts with the hotspot feature. I haven't kept up to date in how they are related -- I know there is some link because I do get notification sometimes that BT streaming can't occur with the hotspot.

    06-09-12 10:13 AM
  2. Fusioned's Avatar
    I have sync on my Fusion but haven't experienced this. I use hotspot to enable bing maps on my playbook sometimes when I actually want to see turn by turn rather then just listen to the car. A while back ago I when I had my Bold 9000 I use to have the issue when I would get out the car and while I was streaming audio via bluetooth to the car when I get out the car the music would keep playing. I updated the software for sync via usb on the sync my ride site and stopped it from doing that, hope this helps.
    06-09-12 11:24 PM