1. kennyiceberry's Avatar
    First of all, sorry for the alarmist tactics, hopefully you'll decide they were worth if after you've read the following.

    I've started to receive what I can only assume are malicious 'friend requests' within the latest version of Facebook for BlackBerry OS 7. [My handheld is a Torch 9810 with the latest OS 7 and platform.]

    The friend requests are from people with whom I'm already 'friended' on FB. Checks with said folk confirm that they indeed have not requested to be my friend again; why would they in fact, if they're already friends.

    I am just ignoring the requests/deleting the notifications for now, in lieu of any further advice. Hopefully BlackBerry will deal with this matter as it looks like a new vulnerability which someone is exploiting.
    05-27-13 07:31 AM
  2. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    Any friend requests would come from Facebook, not though BlackBerry or the app.

    Did you check your account from the web? Would think you see the same requests that you have in the app.
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    05-27-13 07:35 AM
  3. kennyiceberry's Avatar
    The friend requests do not appear on the web version of FB. I have just re-checked.
    05-27-13 08:12 AM
  4. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    just remove fb from your phone,, it's hugely invasive,,, think google,,, imo, there's nothing going on there that you can't wait to do on the pc...
    05-27-13 08:54 AM
  5. kye2000's Avatar
    My brother had this issue on his 9300 on OS 6 a few days ago. It last happened yesterday.
    05-27-13 09:08 AM
  6. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    Its not malicious whatsoever. Its just an issue that needs fixed. Ignore the phantom friends request. Yes I see them too.

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    05-27-13 09:20 AM
  7. jlarkins08's Avatar
    I get them too! It's a bug that needs to be addressed in the next update! I'm using a 9900 on os 7.1

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    05-27-13 12:26 PM
  8. Renaudo Waite1's Avatar
    Happens too me too needs to be fixed
    05-27-13 12:32 PM
  9. afl777's Avatar
    Interestingly a couple of my friends have received these off me. I don't use FB4BB on my Curve, I am either on the Z10 or the Playbook....so this might make me wonder if it is the FB4BB OS7 app or a Facebook thing. I wouldn't think it's anyone hacked into my account cos my password is so long and complicated it even does my head in trying to remember it.

    Posted via CB10
    06-19-13 04:34 PM
  10. sennayan's Avatar
    yes... it's also happen to me (facebook add friend request from already friend account).
    It appears when i upgrade from .746 to .856 and from 8.56 to 917. (my bb is 9320).
    i ignored it until u raise this matter.
    07-01-13 12:21 AM
  11. hondaf17's Avatar
    This same thing is happening to me. Thing earlier this week I was on a 9780 OS 6 from T-Mobile and it has been happening there for the last couple weeks. Now I just switched to a 9930 OS 7 on Verizon and it's happening now too. So, something is obviously wrong. I don't necessarily think it's malicious, just some sort of bug. I delete them and move on.
    07-02-13 11:31 PM
  12. Sam Turdo's Avatar
    its just a bug......

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    07-04-13 02:33 AM
  13. Phly_kid's Avatar
    Its a new spam ploy originating from folks who don't have anything better to do. Its the current latest trend. A hacker "clones" your fb account and then sends friends requests to your friends. And when they accept their account is compromised. It is all the rage these days and you will see countless people stating that you should not accept another request from them coz it won't be originating from them. Likewise your friends too can and will get friend requests shown as coming from your account. So yea hope that enlightens everyone as to what is going on. Don't accept second requests from people you are already friends with on FB.

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    07-09-13 02:50 PM
  14. parbrook's Avatar
    Apparently, it's a bug that results in a friend request whever your friends post a new picture.
    07-12-13 03:47 PM

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