1. alb123's Avatar
    I love the Facebook app. I rarely even go on the actual website - Love, love, love that...

    Here is my beef: You should be able to block certain types of information you are not interested in seeing, just like you can on the Facebook website. My biggest gripe? The 50+ horoscope postings that I see in my News Feed. On the website, you just select one of the listings and tell it "Don't show me Happy Horoscopes in my News Feed" and it will not show you anymore "Happy Horoscopes" for anyone on your friends list. Sadly, that does not carry over to what the BlackBerry Facebook decides to show. So, guess what I get to scroll through every single day of the week?

    One way of blocking those ridiculous horoscope posts is to simply switch (via the drop-down box) to show "Status Updates" instead of "News Feed" (which shows status updates as well as anything else related to ywillour friends). Of course, that will prevent you from seeing a lot of other stuff you might be interested in.

    I wish RIM could implement that "filtering" into their application. It should be feasible. When you tell Facebook to block those posts on the website it should be able to tell your Facebook application to do the same. Also, RIM should add a feature where you could change the default view when you start the application. Maybe someone would like the app to be in "Photos" mode instead of News Feed at startup? I KNOW that would be a very easy change to make with the application.
    03-16-11 08:10 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    I use SocialScope myself and JUST use the FB feed, BUT to each his own! Anyways I'm moving the thread to Native Apps.
    03-16-11 11:07 AM
  3. pappcam's Avatar
    Socialscope has that feature built into it already.

    I think you may be the first person to say you really like RIM's facebook app.
    03-16-11 01:16 PM