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    I've read in other posts about using hybrid OS and I've always wondered what it was. Now I'm thinking of trying out one on my 8520 running OS 5 v.1036. I've searched and others have recommended using JSL V7.0 8520. Before I take the jump, I wanted to ask some questions. Are there any drawbacks/limitations using a hybrid? If I install this, would all apps compatible with the 8520 still work or would there be some apps that don't work? If I encounter problems with an app and the developer asks me for my OS, would they give support seeing that I'm using a hybrid OS?

    I'm still reading up to better understand this and looking at the link someone gave JSL 8520 v7.0.
    03-30-12 11:42 PM
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    Yes, they will work in your new OS. Just don't forget to backup your data using BDS.

    I don't see why you would have any problems with an app using this OS, but if you do, jjust tell them you have 1036.

    Take care,

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    03-31-12 09:48 AM
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    Thanks, how's the hybrid doing on your phone? Significant changes from official OS to this one?
    04-03-12 07:55 AM
  4. AK47ISATOOL's Avatar
    I'm about to put in a hybrid os on my 8520.. is it safe? are there any complications or problems i should be aware of?
    08-29-14 07:19 AM
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    Haven't been on the forums lately so late reply. Last time I used the hybrid, I didn't encounter any problems at all. In fact, the OS was faster.
    12-11-14 07:28 PM