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    Greetings fellow forum users. this is my first time posting on this forum so please allow any gaps/mistakes in me providing info about my situation
    so first of all - YES i have done research. YES i have tried all the 'solutions' ive found properly, my knowledge on how to use technology/computers is way over mediocre/average.

    So, im using a bb9700 on os6. and ive got two memory cards, a 32gig sandisk microsd and a 4gb one. (32gig being used in the past, 4gb has been used in the last 3/4months with all my latest stuff on in). both have been used with encryption ON. i find encryption necessary as in the past - ive lost a galaxy s & 8520 so yeah, since then ive always had encryption on the "strongest" & with security password.
    now, ive encountered a problem where my 4gb micro sd seems to be defective. i cant format it - even after using 3/4 different formatting softwares/techniques and i cant delete files or add files (if works, but as soon as it off, and view the memo card, nothing has changed no new files no deleted files.)

    but ive got a good 1500 pics ALL encrypted in there. and i have been stressing to get them back every since yesterday lol. so does anyone have any solutions for me?.. thanks in advance

    BB9700 OS6
    Windows8 64bit
    4GB&32GB Sandisk micro SDHC
    02-21-13 02:47 PM

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