1. Cientortas's Avatar
    On all of my email accounts, deleting an email of the PC doesn't delete the email on the Style. Reading an email on the PC doesn't mark the message as "read" on the Style. The wireless reconciliation feature is enabled. It seems to reconcile 4-6 hours later. Is there anyway to make it instantaneous? 4 hours in the email world is an eternity. I called Sprint several times and they were unable to help. Thanks.
    06-19-11 12:39 AM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    What TYPE of email are you asking about? Gmail? Yahoo? Hotmail? Other POP3?

    BES or BIS?
    06-19-11 07:33 AM
  3. Cientortas's Avatar
    All the accounts are BIS. 2 gmail (IMAP) and 2 generic IMAP work accounts. I have been told this is an issue with BIS. Is that true?
    06-19-11 01:21 PM
  4. krusenkevin's Avatar
    I think that functionality only works with BES not BIS.
    Pleasantly surprised by some of the features and functionality of the Style (my first BB since I experimented with the Curve in 2008).

    Also rather dumbfounded by the lack of features and functionality is some areas, and this is one of them. Sync between my PC Yahoo inbox and the Style Yahoo inbox is a feature that even the DUMBphone I just left (LG Lotus) had. COME ON, BLACKBERRY!!! This is just plain... s-a-d.
    03-20-12 05:19 PM