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    Need some help with this one. I have set up a personal email folder on the BB, but nothing ever gets put into it. Any tips? On my PC, I have added email addresses from contacts into a filter, so that those emails will go in the private folder. This works on my PC, but I don't know why it won't work on the BB device. Karen. Kgalecanada@yahoo.ca

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    01-11-10 03:15 AM
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    The chances are emails are not staying on the server long enough for the Blackberry to pick them up.

    I'm assuming you have BIS and not BES?

    BIS works, for a standard POP set-up, by polling the server ever 15 minutes and if it finds new mail it pushes it to your phone. The checking interval is then dropped to 2 minutes and if new mail is found it's pushed to the phone or if no new mail the check interval goes back to 15 minutes.

    Unless you have specifically set Outlook to leave mail on the server it is deleting emails as it retrieves them and the only copy of those mails is the locally stored copy in your PST file. Therefore each time the Blackberry server checks your mail server it's finding it empty as Outlook has already downloaded the mail so there is nothing to push to the Blackberry.

    Go into Outlook and change the account properties to leave a copy on the server and mail will start coming through to your Blackberry.

    BIS doesn't support folders however and merely pushes the contacts of your mailbox to the inbox on the Blackberry. Any rules you have set-up in Outlook will not reflect on your Blackberry as it interacts with the mailbox and not Outlook. Folder support only comes with BES.

    Hope this helps

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    01-11-10 06:39 AM
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    Can I change the BIS settign to BES on a Curve 8310? How would I do that?
    01-11-10 10:42 AM
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    BIS = Blackberry Internet Service
    BES = Blackberry Enterprise Service

    BIS is what most individuals gets through their mobile network provider when they take out a Blackberry contract. It provides access to Blackberry's push email, internet browsing, BBM etc and gives individuals a trimmed down version of the Blackberry's full functionality.

    The Blackberry was originally designed for corporate use and has recently exploded into the consumer market. BES is the standard Blackberry package for corporate users that provides full functionality of the Blackberry phone.

    BES syncs back to an Exchange server (primarily) and syncs full email including inbox, sent items and folders as well as calendar and contacts. Any change made in the Blackberry, or made in Outlook be it an email being read, sent or filed, a new appointment added to the calendar or a contact being added or ammended is sync'd straight back to the exchange database and therefore reflects in Outlook as well. BES also provides the browsing service and BBM etc. BES is usually controlled by an IT admin for each company as you can set remotely what each BB on the BES can and cannot do via an IT policy.

    I'm sure you could change to BES if you speak to your mobile network provider / carrier however in order to benefit from BES there are a number of considerations you'd need to make.

    You would most probably have to out-source your email to a hosted exchange service which would add to your monthly costs. BES also typically costs more than BIS so again this would increase your monthly outgoings.

    It's not really something that you would typically set up at home on your own PC and see any benefit from.
    01-12-10 08:13 AM