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    I just got my 9700. It's a Rogers phone but I unlocked it so I can use it on my Bell network.

    I have a hotmail account, gmail account and a work account. Every time I receive an email from any of those accounts, it would show in the "messages" icon but not in the account icon it came from. So for example, somebody sent me an email to my abc@hotmail.com account. In the "messages" icon, it will pop up but when I scroll to my abc@hotmail.com icon, it won't show it.

    Another problem, when I try to reply to that message and I go to send it, it only gives me two options "Save Draft" or "Full-Menu".

    And another problem too. After realizing I'm not able to send off my reply, I had to go into the abc@hotmail.com icon and basically create a new message from scratch but when I actually logged into the abc@hotmail.com on my computer, it has no record of it showing that it was been sent. (I do save my sent emails)

    Oh yeah, I also have a theme problem. This one isn't that much of a biggie because I'll rather my emails work than my themes but when I change to certain themes I downloaded online, it sometimes shows two of my gmail icons.

    Anyways, if anyone is able to help me, please do. I really like this phone and don't want to switch it unless I have to. Thank you.
    01-13-10 02:23 PM