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    I am having problems receiving my gmail on my BBY. All the email accounts have been added through the personal email service on the BBY device. I have never had a problem with receiving my email before. I can't remember when this problem all started. Please can someone help me?

    I have re-validated my email accounts which I guess somehow they were unvalidated but I don't remember doing that...
    I sent my service books through the mytmobile website and through the manage email service on my BBY, but nothing seems to work. I also tried registering my phone again with tmobile through the BBY defaut settings.

    Nothing seems to work and this is really starting to frustrate me because I cannot check my email on my BBY.

    Please help me and thank you for your time.
    01-09-10 04:28 PM
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    I appreciate the 34 views and 0 replies...

    I answered my own question, no thanks to crackberry users!!
    01-11-10 08:25 PM
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    Maybe people didn't know.And with a response like that I wouldn't go looking for help in the future either.
    01-12-10 01:15 AM
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    1) This site is full of "experts", "masters". Maybe ppl. didn't know...that's bogus. I think we can both agree that others have asked tougher questions before and many of them received an answer, unlike me.

    2) Look at it from my perspective. Not being able to receive email or sms/mms messages. I have a busy and demanding schedule that cannot afford to have problems like this. Would you want to be without email or any other kind of messages? Didn't think so...

    Crackberry is a fine website, but it upset me that no one answered my question.

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    01-12-10 02:08 AM
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    Your distress is understandable. The site is very busy. I know for myself posts like yours are often read on the hope I can offer advice. Help is given when possible. Often the problem is outside my range. Answers always depend on who is reading at the time of posting. Better luck next time.

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    01-12-10 07:40 AM