1. Aaryan_25's Avatar
    dear all
    when i was using .205 and the original version, i was able to delete my email from may mail account also. i had the option of deleting it from my mail account, from my hanset and from both.. but since i moved to .267 and even now on .342 i am not able to do so.. if i delete a mail it gets deleted only from my set and not my accout. Is it a bug ?? Please help..
    03-31-12 03:29 PM
  2. Bilaal's Avatar
    If you navigate on your phone to the messages folder, go on the options and you should find yourself with list of choice to choose from.

    I think it's the "Email reconciliation" option you want to choose. Under "Folder management", where it says "Delete on", you have 3 choices to choose from, I believe you'd like the "Mailbox and Handheld" option.
    03-31-12 05:29 PM