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    I just upgraded to a (used) BlackBerry 9700. I wiped the phone and then updated to OS 6 (Version 6.0 Bundle 2949) from the BlackBerry.com web site. I'm trying to set up my IMAP e-mail account and am running into an issue during setup. I go to Setup, click the E-mail Accounts icon, then select Internet Mail Account - which sends me back to the Setup screen.

    Web surfing with the browser works fine.

    If I go to Connections, then Manage Connections, then Service Status, I see

    Mobile Voice
    Phone Number: (my phone number)
    Status: Available
    Connection: Mobile Network

    Blackberry Internet Service
    Connection: Mobile Network

    Blackberry Enterprise Server
    Connection: Not Connected

    Mobile Network
    Coverage: 3G
    Provider: AT&T

    When I set up my old BlackBerry 9000 (OS 5?) I seem to remember I had to delete and re-install some service books to get things to work. If I search for "service book", I can find the Service Book under Options. I see a whole bunch of entries.

    I've restarted a reset a couple of times. Options > Device > Software Updates shows everything is up to date.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

    01-08-12 08:04 PM
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    I had the same problem last week.

    You need to use Blackberry Desktop Software to re-install the email setup application, and you need to do it on a PC, not a MAC.

    If you connect your BB to the PC and open the desktop software there should be an applications button/tab. If you open that it will bring up a list of all the apps available for your device. Email Setup should be in that list and you'll be able to re-install it.

    Worked for me - I had re-installed my Torch's OS after it got stuck in a re-boot loop and my Email Setup did exactly the same. I couldn't get it back using my MAC, but installed the software on a PC and it worked fine.
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    01-09-12 10:51 AM
  3. thomas_and_mercy's Avatar

    Installing from the BlackBerry Desktop software got me to the e-mail setup.

    (Now I just need to figure out why my non-gmail IMAP e-mail isn't setting itself up...)
    01-11-12 10:45 PM
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    E-mail setup issue with Clean OS 6 install
    06-23-14 12:44 AM
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    Just got a 9800 as a second phone for work, and I have the same issue. I plugged it into my pc and into the blackberry software, but when I click applications it's not there. Should I reboot the phone once more and hope it comes up? Or is there a separate file that anyone has a link to that I can import into the blackberry software?

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    08-26-14 01:43 PM