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    I've checked the other treads on unchecking 'leave messages on SIM card' to stop saving messages on the SIM card due to that dreaded 'SIM card is full' popup. However, I was wondering if unchecking that will cause all the messages on the SIM card to be deleted or does it merely not save any subsequent ones?

    If it deletes all the messages on the SIM card, are those messages available on the phone or anywhere else i.e. they're not completely deleted, only from the SIM card?

    I've done a backup using the Desktop Software - that should backup all messages, including the ones on the SIM card, shouldn't it? Thought I'd do that prior to deleting them from the SIM card.

    08-17-13 05:48 PM
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    Hi utternutter,

    You've asked several questions there so i'm going to try and answer them one at a time..

    First, unchecking 'leave messages on SIM card' should not delete previous messages, it should affect subsequent messages,

    Second, if you delete messages from your sim card which are currently on the phone, they should still remain on the phone, the two lists are not linked.

    Third, backing up via desk top manager will only backup messages that are one the phone, it will not backup anything from the sim card.

    Hope that helps!
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    08-19-13 02:27 PM
  3. utternutter's Avatar
    Thanks, Luc!
    08-21-13 05:09 PM

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