1. profiler#AC's Avatar
    Does the application for Audible.com (audiobooks) work in the 9930 OS7 series?
    08-15-11 09:48 AM
  2. Bold Nome's Avatar
    app for 9780 works.
    09-14-11 11:19 PM
  3. cscott44's Avatar
    I ported over the app from my 9650 and it works fine on my 9930.
    09-14-11 11:33 PM
  4. 604778's Avatar
    Has anyone heard if there will be a Audible app for BB7? I'm having a lot of problems with the app on my 9810.
    12-04-11 04:52 PM
  5. WrightWords's Avatar
    I ported over the app from my 9650 and it works fine on my 9930.
    ,Ice! I had no luck moving it over from the 9000 (OS5) to 9900 (OS7). Might try again. I'll let you know
    12-04-11 10:39 PM
  6. pvdiamon's Avatar
    That company ticks me off. It doesn't work on my 9850. I bought a book and learned afterwards that it doesn't work, and of course no refund, but they should specify what it works on better. I buy my audio books from Barnes and Noble. They come as MP3s, don't need that reader they have. And Audio.com is very expensive unless you join their club but then you have to do a lot of listening. I use the books during work outs and have been happy with B&N. Even when Audible worked on my Tour, the reader was clumsy.
    12-07-11 10:13 AM
  7. guerllamo7's Avatar
    Yes, I have it on my phone. And you can still browse the store and buy directly from the app.

    The thing is that it is not available for OS7 at the app store but you can go to audible.com and download it by selecting a previous BB version of this. Eventually, they will release the OS7 version but the previous Torch or other versions work great.
    12-07-11 10:21 AM
  8. timiii's Avatar
    I tried downloading the version for the 9800 to run on my 9810 and it does not work. I can not even get past the "license agreement" screen after I downloaded it.
    05-17-12 08:34 PM