05-10-12 11:38 AM
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  1. data77's Avatar
    Any reason to use blackberry email address? Over the free email accounts like hotmail, gmail?

    Just wondering never used it in the past.

    Can you restore those emails in outlook etc in the future?? Why would you use it in the first place?

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    03-26-12 11:22 AM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Personally, no. No reason to use the <carrier>.blackberry.net address at all. I certainly would not use it for anything important.
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    03-26-12 11:37 AM
  3. OniBerry's Avatar
    I set one up, I don't give out the addy much, but some use it because they feel it is more professional than using a @hotmail or @gmail account.

    Usually forgetting that if they lose BIS, or change phones, or for any reason cannot access mail on their BB, there is no way to check your inbox except from a BB.
    03-26-12 11:38 AM
  4. Cencalblackberryguy's Avatar
    Got one but don't use it because it can only be accessed from my BB can't even set it up to work with my Playbook. I do really like Gmail though just saying.
    03-26-12 11:55 AM
  5. Double_J75's Avatar
    I use it, and it is fine. Only draw back is I can not have a stand alone email on the PB - it says I have to bridge. This doesn't bug me because I really don't need email on the tablet.

    Other issue is I can not access it from a PC. This is mildy annoying when I am in my basement and I sign up for something that requires my email because it will send a verification email. I do not take my Blackberry in the basement since I lose cell reception. So I run upstairs to accept the email and then run back down to the computer
    03-26-12 11:55 AM
  6. Mercury's Avatar
    I use my blackberry.net email for all things BB related. So for my slacker registration and any other registrations, so I know its always there, and I don't get spam.
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    03-26-12 12:35 PM
  7. kbz1960's Avatar
    Nope just like I don't use isp email. If I change then my email also has to change and it's a hassle to inform everyone of a new addy.
    03-26-12 12:45 PM
  8. Jake90087's Avatar
    No way. I still use my ancient Hotmail account just because I have 10+ years of archived e-mails and can search it all. Plus I couldn't swap my e-mail on some accounts for things to Gmail when I tried to switch in 2007... I'm stuck!
    03-26-12 01:25 PM
  9. linuxbbm's Avatar
    No i don't like creating my ISP's Email and user it over BB, that just doesn't seems right.
    03-26-12 01:33 PM
  10. kg4icg's Avatar
    I use it for the emergency messages and emails I get from county governments. I am a ham radio operator registered with ARES.
    03-26-12 03:14 PM
  11. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    It's a disposable email address, you can change it any time you want.
    03-26-12 03:41 PM
  12. shemaree09's Avatar
    I use it to forward mail from my hotmail account.

    my hotmail email would be delivered 15-20mins later.

    now i get it instantly
    03-26-12 03:58 PM
  13. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    No. I have no use for an email account that cannot be used on a desktop PC.
    03-26-12 04:00 PM
  14. Tõnis's Avatar
    I use it. I really like having an email address that can't be accessed from any pc anywhere; these emails can be accessed from my BlackBerry only. No one sitting at a computer termial in Timbuk 2 will hack this email.

    I also use it from time to time (as the other poster already said) for a more professional appearance. I only save the important ones (on my BlackBerry and in backups, of course). I don't worry about changing carriers; I haven't changed carriers in years.

    That said, I still use yahoo, hotmail, gmail, and aol/aim. Simply I like options, and the BlackBerry email address is a worthy option for the reasons stated.
    03-26-12 04:01 PM
  15. Edge of Night's Avatar
    I use it to forward mail from my hotmail account.

    my hotmail email would be delivered 15-20mins later.

    now i get it instantly
    Ditto. I forward my work emails (not on a BES) to my BB.net account so I don't get the delay. I have the "reply as" set as my work email and have emails I send forwarded there too. That way I get a complete record of emails on my work Outlook and my replies appear to the recipient as if they came from my work email address.
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    03-26-12 04:47 PM
  16. mileaway's Avatar
    I receive my work e-mails. In order to remain on BIS and not my company's BES, I do the following:

    My company uses Lotus Notes on a BES, however I can create a rule in Notes that bcc my vzw.blackberry.net address (BIS) immediately after messages hit my Notes inbox. My reply to address from the vzw.blackberry.net address is my company Notes address so that replies made by me are "from" the Notes address. Any replies I make are also bcc to my Notes inbox so that I can clear them from my Blackberry but archive them in Notes
    03-27-12 05:18 AM
  17. Tõnis's Avatar
    ^ Terrific workaround.
    03-27-12 06:36 AM
  18. EECGeek's Avatar
    I do not use it.

    I have a bunch of emails gmail, hotmail and my carrier, but I forward them all to my vfemail.net account and use imap so no matter what pc I use in my house, they are all the same, plus I never have to back up my email accounts.
    03-27-12 06:52 AM
  19. plh121's Avatar
    Yes, it is faster, more secure, and I don't want it accessed from my computer. I use it for work and I love the delivered notice. I know it got there. When it needs to get there and it needs to get there fast and secure....you bet. I take comfort in security.
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    03-27-12 07:24 AM
  20. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    I use it for remote backup registration on BBM, since it won't go to spam. Also it's my addy for BBID, and as others have said, a very effective secure email for items you only want coming to your phone. I still use yahoo and gmail for most activities.

    I really like some of the creative applications people have listed. Kudos!
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    03-27-12 07:34 AM
  21. tcseacliff's Avatar
    I have found many occasions when my hotmail is down slow, etc, the .net works great. like having the extra address. and there are times when I only need it send to the phone.
    03-27-12 05:19 PM
  22. mssca's Avatar
    I don't use the BB email because there are more flexible options for emails these days. But how do you even get one for Telus? I have no idea where to even get it.
    03-27-12 05:59 PM
  23. mhw100's Avatar
    I don't use the BB email because there are more flexible options for emails these days. But how do you even get one for Telus? I have no idea where to even get it.
    Don't know about Telus but with rogers you just call them and they will activate a rogers.blackberry.net account. You just then set it up under email settings like any other account on your bb. You used to be able to set set it up on the web but I think that is no longer an option.
    03-28-12 01:30 AM
  24. raymond's Avatar
    I use it for bbid and all registrations need for apps. It is just easier for me.
    03-28-12 02:17 AM
  25. Chrisy's Avatar
    No. Don't use it. Can't access on computer, tied to BIS are reasons why.
    03-28-12 03:50 AM
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