09-06-09 06:28 PM
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  1. larkielark25's Avatar
    if so can u help
    08-06-09 05:01 PM
  2. chris.villegas's Avatar
    What OS are you running?

    You need to install BBM 5.0.
    08-06-09 05:42 PM
  3. ghfogle's Avatar
    I have ad 8130 with the above mentioned os, and bbm 5.0 works great on it. Just be sure to backup your device before upgrading the os if you have not already done so. Good luck!

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    08-06-09 05:56 PM
  4. DaBear5's Avatar
    Is the only os it works on?
    08-06-09 05:57 PM
  5. toni starks's Avatar
    i have that but i need the link
    08-06-09 06:08 PM
  6. sdelthon's Avatar
    got mine working

    08-06-09 06:50 PM
  7. larkielark25's Avatar
    What OS are you running?

    You need to install BBM 5.0.
    i got

    but where do i find the bbm 5.0 version for the 8130
    08-06-09 07:53 PM
  8. pylaut's Avatar
    I have, which I thought was OK, but I can't get it to work.

    When installing OTA, I get "Download failed." Details shows "907 Invalid COD HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error".

    When installing on the desktop, I get "This application is not compatible with your device and cannot be loaded."

    At least the old one still works. If it's any consolation, I've heard of many people who can't get BBM 5 to install on an 8130, who lose their contacts or have the BBM 5 icon "hiding" although the program in installed.

    Good luck, let us know if you find a solution!
    08-06-09 09:55 PM
  9. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    08-06-09 09:59 PM
  10. kidvirgo's Avatar
    i have OS i've tried everything what am i doing wrong??? Tried OTA and .ZIP can anyone give me a step by step. I keep on getting error messages when it says it cannot be downloaded by OTA, when i check the details it says 907 Invalid COD file not found. And when use DM or get to the app loader by programfiles/commonfiles/research in motion... I get an error message saying that No Additional applications for your device were found. Any help????
    08-07-09 03:19 AM
  11. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Go to my guide, and look to the green section. It shows you how to install through DM, and has 2 links to OTA. Your OTA error is because RIM has shut most sites down, since it's a stolen release they didn't want out.

    08-07-09 04:02 AM
  12. kidvirgo's Avatar
    I did exactly what you posted. Question though, what Removed Files folder are you talking about? I just created one and put the old bb qm files in there Research In Motion file folder. Still to no avail. Getting the same message that my device is not compatible. I know I have done everything right, I know I have the OS. Just don't know why its not working!
    08-07-09 04:59 AM
  13. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    If you use CrackMem, you will have a "RemovedFiles" folder setup automatically. If your using loader.exe to install, and it says it's not compatible, then you don't have the correct BBM5 download for a Pearl. You must have downloaded it a while ago, there are no working links I'm aware of to get it besides OTA.
    08-07-09 05:02 AM
  14. kidvirgo's Avatar
    Also in the loader file folder I see two different OS file folders, cause i recently did two upgrades the two folder are 8130-v4.5.0.138_P3...... and the other one 8130-v4.5.0.160_P3.....etc..does this have anything to do with it? I only replaced the new files in the .160 file folder.
    08-07-09 05:09 AM
  15. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Nope, that shouldn't matter at all. The downloads act strangely. I had a good download, and installed it on my Pearl. Did and upgrade, and used the exact same files with disastrous results. I tried that bugger 6 times, since I knew it was good, till I finally gave, and did it OTA. Mind you, I went from to, not exactly a huge change in OS.
    08-07-09 05:14 AM
  16. kidvirgo's Avatar
    I didnt install crackmem, what's it for?
    08-07-09 05:18 AM
  17. kidvirgo's Avatar
    I'll try all the OTA given on your link and see what happens
    08-07-09 05:19 AM
  18. kidvirgo's Avatar
    nope every time I tried downloading it OTA i get downloading failed, and 907 Invalid COD File not found. I might be **** out of luck on this for now, and have to wait for the official release. What do you think?
    08-07-09 05:24 AM
  19. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    There's two different sites, and many different links. IDK if they've all been taken down by now or not.

    CrackMem is linked in the guide too. It is an easy way to remove some of the bulk in your OS.
    08-07-09 05:26 AM
  20. kidvirgo's Avatar
    in the other thread you said 'when you run your upgrade, the new BBM will load along with it" what do you mean by that??
    08-07-09 05:27 AM
  21. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    If you insert the BBM files into your OS, when you do your upgrade, then it will all work together. However, since at this time there are no working download links for the PC, it's kind of a moot point right now.
    08-07-09 05:40 AM
  22. kidvirgo's Avatar
    so I'm guessing that even all the OTA are not going to work either??
    08-07-09 05:46 AM
  23. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    If you tried every link in both sites, then yes those are shut down. There are other sites to look at, just do a google search.
    08-07-09 05:48 AM
  24. kidvirgo's Avatar
    THanks for all your help...!!!!
    08-07-09 05:53 AM
  25. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    You betcha.
    08-07-09 05:55 AM
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