1. Macaroni86's Avatar
    Whenever I load a new OS or hybrid if I launch apploader and connect when the phone is just beginning to boot up, apploader says it's "connecting to device (ARM)." All other times it's "connecting to device (JVM)."

    I am just wondering what is the difference between loading the OS between these two connections. Is one better or worse than the other? Better for hybrids?

    After it connects via (ARM) it gives me a option to replace or leave it alone (see screenshot). What's this about?

    Sorry about all the questions
    04-01-10 12:48 AM
  2. jackbox's Avatar
    ARM is the processor chip. JVM is Java Virtual Machine, that is what the Berry OSes run under. The reason you are getting that message because DM and Apploader check the internet for the official release from the carrier your phone is branded to. If you update they are warning you that the official release is a lower version then the one you have installed on the device and your OS will be downgraded. To prevent this message disconnect from the internet before updating your device with Apploader or DM.
    04-01-10 09:32 AM
  3. eezyt24's Avatar
    My device disconnects when connecting to ARM and it switches off, and doesn't switch back on. It currently shows error 547 no JVM. I've tried to reload the OS but can't get past the connecting to ARM.
    After my blackberry switches off, the desktop manager says
    Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library:
    R6002-floating support not loaded.

    Is my blackberry fixable? I'm using a bold 9000, but just wanted to fix my really old 8700c
    04-17-12 11:26 AM