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    I have a 9930 with OS 7 on it. I work for IT and receive emails when tickets are submitted. I have been recently told that I need to receive emails for ALL tickets on my BB. The thing is, I dont want my BB going off every 10 minutes cause of an unimportant ticket. I currently have all my low priority tickets not sent to my BB. I have my email notification set to a quiet tone, and high priority tickets are upped to Level 1 with a loud tone. This way I know when I get an email (like from the boss or co-workers) and when a high priority ticket comes it I know the difference. How would it be possible to set it up to have no sounds for the low tickets, quiet tone for other emails (non-tickets) and loud tone for high tickets?

    I looked for 3rd party apps like SmartAlerts and others, but it seems like not are compatible with my Phone/OS.

    Any suggestions?

    FWIW, Im connected to a BES that I have no control of and we use Lotus Notes.
    09-24-12 10:12 PM