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    I'm doing a clean installation of OS on my BB 9320 (running on BIS) and would like to remove all components which are no longer relevant in June of 2019. Here is the list. Some apps have question marks next to them, which means that I'm not sure if they still work ok, are they scheduled to shut down, is there a newer version available in BB App World or somewhere else.

    BB App World - works ok but shutting down at the end of 2019
    BB Maps - work ok but the maps have not been updated for a few years now
    BB Messenger - shut down in May of 2019
    BB Protect - works ok
    Facebook - ?
    Google Talk - ?
    Password Keeper - works ok
    Twitter - support ended in August of 2019
    Windows Live Messenger - shut down in 2013
    Yahoo Messenger - shut down in July of 2018
    YouTube - ?

    For now, after starting Loader.exe, I have removed all the apps with question marks, assuming that if I need any of them I will find a newer version somewhere else.
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    That's a smart plan. There's no point in loading apps into RAM that no longer work. See this website for apps: http://darkstar.x10host.com/nibble

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    Twitter works !
    06-25-19 01:34 PM
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    Thanks. I have updated Twitter entry in my original post. BB App World has Twitter v5.1.0.8 (released in 2015) which is newer than v4.0.0.17 bundled with OS

    Edit: Twitter support ended in August of 2019.
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