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    In these days of reading about folks' BBM contacts lists shrinking by the day, I had a cool thing happen today.

    A buddy I have known since I was 5 (!!) -- I am now 44 -- made contact for the first time in a while after he's been re-stationed from Connecticut to Norfolk VA -- near where I now live. So we are about to exchange phone numbers when he whips out a Curve 3G (Navy issued I suppose). I was like cool! You have a BlackBerry! We can BBM! Lol.

    He does not know a lot about BlackBerrys. I took his phone and scanned the QR code and linked our devices up for BBM.

    Anyway. Just kind of gave me a little bit of a good feeling to be able to gain one of my oldest friends as a BBM contact of all things. Heh.
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    09-15-12 04:17 AM