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    Well ... I waited 'til the bitter end ... TELUS Mobility finally turned off their CDMA 1xEVDO network sometime between 0823PDT 19JUN17 & 0810PDT 20JUN17 ... and now my indestructible BB Tour 9630 has been reduced to a music server ... boo-hoo ... this phone served me well (voice and SMS [TXT] only) since 2009 and was a great conversation starter with iPhone and Android persons in recent years ...

    The trick now is to get my huge # of Contacts transferred from the Tour to the new S7 edge ... not as easily done as said ... Samsung's Smart Switch apps (Mobile, and, PC) can't deal with BB OS prior to 7 ... and I am unable to figure out how to transfer the Contacts using BB Device Manager (BBDevMgr or BB Desktop Software (on Win 7 Pro SP1 64-bit OS) ... I have backed-up the entire BB device regularly and have a large range of successive .bbb files to work with ... however, wit hthe BB connected to my PC, I am unable to 'see' (a) contact file(s) (or ringtone files for that matter) on the BB device using the 'Organizer' browser (or 'Files' browser, in the case of the ringtone files) in BB Desktop Software 7.

    I went to the BB Community Forums (where I was a member) and it appears BB gave up supporting forums ... too bad ... I've been here before too, just joined up now though and searched 'Samsung' 'Galaxy' 'S7' 'edge' & 'Contacts' variously in this BlackBerry OS 5 & 4.x forum ... all I found was this URGENT HELP PLEASE! os5 I need to transfer contacts to iOS and Mac..please help... thread ... I'm hoping someone can help me out of this bind vis-a-vis the Contacts (& ringtones too, if possible) ...

    Thanks, FFF
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    07-02-17 03:52 PM
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    Hey all ... I found a solution for this issue ... there is 3rd party software known as BlackBerry Backup Extractor ($24.95USD) that can extract Contacts as .vcf files from a good .bbb backup file created with BlackBerry Desktop Software ... certain fields of BB OS 5 Contact are not preserved, i.e. 'User 1' & 'User 2' info ... there may also be other obscure BB OS 5 Contact fields not preserved, I have not done a forensic evaluation, as yet, however, the essential information (including a somewhat truncated 'Notes' field) are preserved .
    I Copy'd the entire extracted Contacts folder produced by BB B E to the MicroSD card I had previously installed on the Samsung and the now local Contacts importation process was implemented by pointing to all the .vcf files (except '_ALL.vcf' - this apparently could have been used to import them all in one fell swoop, however, I did not go this route ... as it was part of an e-mailed file transfer methodology that involved prolonged exposure to the interwebs - not for me).
    For a fast, powerful smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge chewed on the 440 .vcf files for the better part of the day ... a slooooow process.
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    07-09-17 09:38 AM
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    Or you can transfer the contacts by Bluetooth. Interested? Ask me how.

    Posted from BlackBerry Z30
    07-13-17 12:16 AM
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    Thanks Vigneshd332 ... how done by BT? Perhaps I can get the complete BB Contact info that way ... the BB B E s/w / .vcf importation method missed a few Contact fields (User 1 & User 2 & ?) and truncated Notes.
    07-13-17 09:47 AM
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    Thanks mz zala ...

    Vigneshd332 ... I PM'ed you a while back following your 12:16 AM 13JUL17 post ... when you eventually surface, I'd be interested to know more about your "transfer the contacts by Bluetooth" method(s).

    Thanks, FFF
    07-30-17 10:18 AM

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