1. bb2iphone's Avatar
    I change devices more frequently than most and have always had my BBM chats backed up to memory card. I see them on the memory card but when I click on the contact to view history it will only show me history on the current PIN. I already know I can transfer those csv files to a computer and try to combine them like that but, ss there a better way to combine all chat histories so I can view them from BBM? Thanks
    07-03-11 09:31 PM
  2. svjones's Avatar
    I know this is late, might not be useful to you anymore but I searched for a related question and found yours. Hopefully this can help?

    I switched from a 9700 to a 9900 and I wanted to swap over my chat history's from my BBM 9700 to my BBM 9900 and it worked without a hitch.

    The way BBM saves it's chat history on a memory card (at least on OS 6 and OS 7) is like so:
    Media Card/BlackBerry/im/BlackBerry Messenger/**your pin here**/history/

    Since your PIN is now changed from your older phone to your current phone, you'll now have multiple folders where the **your pin here** part is. I had 2 folders, one for my old phone, one for my new phone.

    All I did was transfer all of my *.csv files from my old PIN folder to my new PIN folder. My contacts PINs are the same so BBM just continued *.csv files like nothing was changed.

    Only thing is, if you go back and check old history from your older phone, instead of your name showing up in the conversation, it'll be your old PIN. Not that is a problem, just informing you.
    02-18-12 01:07 AM
  3. amanbatra's Avatar
    is there a way to see the combined chat instead of seperate pins? would modifying the pin from old to new, in the old chats help?
    05-15-12 07:55 AM