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    Do you know any good "cheat codes" for your blackberry? On some computer games, you can usually type a series of letters to get cheat features.

    Here is one I learned for my blackberry. Its a cheat if you are shopping for a used blackberry. I know this trick works on my 9810.

    Go to menu options "Options"
    "Device and Status Information"
    Now type the following letters on the keypad: buyr

    This process should add a category titled "Buyer's Remorse" which will tell you how many hours of use are on the phone and whether there is an IT policy on the phone.

    Do you know any useful or interesting cheat codes?
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    06-05-12 10:53 PM
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    Alt + LGLG brings up the log view.

    When typing in a text field:
    myver = Device Model/Version
    mypin = Device PIN
    LD = Local Date
    LT = Local Time

    Another way to go into device info is Left ALT + Left aA + H.

    Shortcuts from homescreen:
    A - Address book
    B - Browser
    C - Compose
    D - Memo
    G - Google Talk
    H - Help/search
    K - Lock device
    L - Calendar
    M - Mail
    N - BBM
    O - Options
    P - Calls
    Q - Change profile
    S - Search
    T - Task
    U - Calculator
    V - View Saved Emails
    W - Weather
    X - Windows Live Messenger
    Y - Yahoo Messenger
    06-06-12 09:19 AM
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    I believe this will cover most of what you are looking for:
    Beginners guide to keyboard shortcuts
    06-07-12 09:04 AM
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    nice! thanks peeps!
    03-13-16 06:44 PM