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    Time ago Ive used to have only 1 mail account set on my blackberry, a gmail account ([email protected]), and used the google sync (http://m.google.com/sync) to synchronize contacts between the smartphone and the webmail account. It has been working like a charm for a long time. At that time, I could create and edit contacts with no problems and the changes got synchronized in both sites.

    A month ago I decided to create through Google Apps an email address with my own internet domain ([email protected]), and decided to add this email address to the smartphone to check both accounts. The first surprise came when I noted that adding this email address (following the procedure to add any email address) has caused the BB to activate it in Enterprise Mode, like BES activation, against the gmail server.

    If I look in Options > Advanced Options > Enterprise Activation I see the mail address @xxxx.com and the text "activated"

    Suddenly I discovered that I cant create nor edit contacts in BB, but I can in the webmail interface of the google apps email address. The contact created using the web interface is syncronized to the BB.

    The issue is that I cant create nor edit contacts in the smartphone!!!

    Have anyone experienced something similar to this?
    Any idea will be greatly appreciated

    04-12-12 04:03 PM