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    i have blackberry 9790 and blackberry app world cannot run says balck berry app world is having trouble connecting to the blackberry app world server verfy your network connections and try again i have wireless open and every thing working can any body help me
    10-13-19 07:48 PM
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    The problems with BlackBerry World connectivity are usually related to an outdated OS. Wiping an old OS (with JL_cmder) and installing a new one (as indicated in CrackBerry subforum for the specific phone model) has always resolved this issue on my phones.

    For example, the latest OS for Curve 9320 is v7.1.0.1098 and it comes with BlackBerry World v4.3.0.26. This version runs ok but one day after OS installation a message pops-up about an update to v4.3.0.32.

    The latest OS for Bold 9720 is v7.1.0.1121 and it already comes with BlackBerry World v4.3.0.32 installed.
    10-14-19 05:34 AM
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    thank you for reply So what do I do now?
    10-14-19 12:40 PM
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    Go to BB 9790 subforum, find the sticky post about the latest OS on the top of the page and follow instructions. You might also need to google "JL_cmder BlackBerry OS wipe" to get JL_cmder (it's a Windows application) and some more information how to use it. It is all available on CrackBerry forums.

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    10-14-19 01:21 PM
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    i have on my phone 7.1 bundle 2039 v i download 9790AllLang_PBr7.1.0_rel2931_PL9.16.0.211_A7.1.0.1 098_O2_UK

    it says no software updates
    10-14-19 11:22 PM
  6. Lex24's Avatar
    If you now have OS (bundle 2931) installed then you should be able to use BlackBerry World as is, without any updates. It is probably v4.3.0.26. Just keep using it and in a day or two there will be a pop-up message asking to allow the update to v4.3.0.32 at which point just click Yes.

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    10-16-19 12:11 AM
  7. amir3656's Avatar
    no i have 7.1 bundle 2039 v
    i cant update to OS (bundle 2931) when i setup the desktop app show 7.1 bundle 2039 v is latest update
    10-16-19 11:05 AM
  8. Lex24's Avatar
    Please go back to the post where you found OS and carefully follow the instructions. In addition, google the web page about JL_cmder and follow the instructions as well. Here is the summary of what needs to be done:

    1) Backup the data on your phone with BlackBerry Desktop Software.

    2) Backup the data on your phone with BlackBerry Protect.

    3) Disconnect the phone from the computer and power it off.

    4) Go to BlackBerry Desktop Software subforum on CrackBerry and check which is the latest version available. If the version installed on your computer is older then uninstall it and install the new version.

    5) If you have more than one BlackBerry OS installed on your computer then uninstall all of them and install the latest version. In your case the latest version is for BB 9790.

    6) Delete all instances of "vendor.xml" file on your computer.

    7) Connect the phone to the computer.

    8) Start JL_cmder on your computer (just click on "exe" file) and select the option to "wipe" the phone. At first you will see the blank red screen in JL_cmder window and after a while there will be black and white screen with "Error 507" shown on the phone. When you see it select the option to "quit" JL_cmder.

    9) Find "loader.exe" file on the computer and click on it. The OS Loader will start.

    10) Select the components which you want to be installed on the phone. You can safely uncheck the items which you don't need, like most languages.

    11) The phone will reboot a few times. Wait until the regular home screen comes up.

    12) Setup the language, time zone, etc. on the phone.

    13) Perform the battery pull.

    14) Restore the data from the backup (contacts, memos, password keeper, etc.) It is better to use BlackBerry Protect because there are no internal OS components included in those backups. If you need to restore emails, text messages or profile sounds then they can only be restored using BlackBerry Desktop Software. In that case use the selective restore option and only restore components that are really needed. Do not overwrite newly installed OS components with their old versions from the backup.

    15) Perform the battery pull a few more times during the first two days.

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    10-16-19 04:56 PM

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