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    11-30-13 11:08 PM
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    Number one - if this is very new to you, read the leaked OS threads but don't do anything. If you do it wrong, you can brick your phone. A leak is an unofficial OS released through members of the community here, and NOT sanctioned by BlackBerry. Every leak release comes with a warning that you can brick your phone, they are not liable for damage, etc. When you want to take the risk, look in the threads here, read the comments by people who have already downloaded it and decide if it's a good build - stable, fewer bugs. When you load a leak it will wipe your phone so if you have anything important, make sure you get it saved elsewhere. Take your SD card out before installing and make sure you have a good WiFi connection for setting up after the install.
    11-30-13 11:16 PM
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    A leak is what I take in the morning and throughout the day when ever the urge comes. To get the urge, one just needs to drink lots of fluids be it water,coffee, coke, beer or your favorite beverage of choice.
    11-30-13 11:17 PM
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    I hate unanswered threads, even if the answer is all over Crackberry. It is a version of the Blackberry 10 OS that is not officially sanctioned by Blackberry or your carrier, but is available via CrackBerry to try on your phone. It may be buggy, it may be 'almost ready', but it is a interesting way to get the latest OS on your phone instead of waiting for your carrier, in my case the every slowpoke Verizon, to push it by the normal over-the-air method.

    That said, you have to have a little bit of guts to try the leaked OS, but I did it recently and it all went OK. I had to reload all of my contacts, apps and media, but that's the breaks. Was not a big deal.

    To do this, you plug in your phone's USB cord into your phone and PC. Then use Blackberry Link to backup your phone. Go to the CrackBerry page that takes you to the leaked OS. I have no idea where it is on the site right now, but poke around. Download the latest OS with something called a 'radio' for your phone to a directory on your PC. That can take an hour or more. Then from that directory, click the .exe file and watch your phone go on and off a couple a times. Takes about 10 minutes to install.

    I did it and I'm stupid. But if you can't afford to fool with this stuff and maybe have to reload all your stuff, I'd suggest you don't do it.
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    11-30-13 11:21 PM
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    Thank you I'm not doing it I'm not risking braking my phone

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    12-01-13 10:35 AM

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