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    I'm currently running OS on a Verizon Wireless 8330 with an 8GB memory card. I'm pretty happy with the update but I realize I no longer have a current hybrid build and that perhaps newer builds have addressed these problems. Due to time constraints on my part I'm asking people to please review these problems and tell me which, if any, could be resolved with a newer hybrid or if rolling back to the latest stable OS is my only recourse as these problems are becoming very disruptive. I'm sorry I don't have the time to manually search and read pages of threads about these individual problems and I hope you CBers can help me!

    Here is the list:

    1. Random lockups for several minutes at a time, no consistent cause it seems

    2. Messages that are read remained flagged as unread. Must set all to read and reopen message to clear

    3. Music playback randomly goes silent during song switch, pause/resume fixes it for one song.

    4. Cannot start SMS thread with many contacts, workarounds cause repeat messages.

    5. When deleting all messages with the 'Delete Prior' option many messages remain and must be deleted manually

    6. If I send an SMS from Contacts/Address Book and then exit with the end key I can't open it from the Message window. When I highlight and select the message nothing happens, I need to open Contacts again to access the message. If I close that with the Back key and then leave Contacts, I can access it normally through Messages.

    7. If I leave an SMS thread open inside the Messages OR Contact window (as in entering either window immediately displays the thread) incoming messages display the corresponding icon momentarily and then it disappears, while the LED correctly blinks until I read the (sometimes difficult to locate) message.

    Thanks everyone,

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    01-03-10 12:20 AM