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    From a reply in another thread:

    I know lots of users are very happy with the OSBB hybrids. I've tried them myself. However, they are built primarily for CDMA devices and some of the files that are swapped don't work smoothly with GSM devices. Again, these are issues that are rarely, if ever, noticed by most users. The errors that show up do not affect the hybrid's performance on a GSM phone (that I've noticed, at least),.
    If I understand the hybrid build process (please correct me if I'm wrong), the sfi isn't messed with, just the cods. So, I'm wondering how a build would be primarily for CDMA or GSM devices.

    02-11-13 05:22 PM
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    The OSBB builders I know and talk with use 9650 devices, and therefore test and build primarily for those devices. On a few occasions I have installed OSBB builds and noticed a few GSM-specific files (namely net_rim_cldc_impl_gan and net_rim_cldc_gan_diagnostics) were of a different version. I have also noticed corresponding linker errors when installing and running their builds.

    Now, please understand that I am not criticizing the quality or stability of the OSBB builds. They have always gotten great reviews. Several of us worked together on the BDHP builds, and I know their work is solid. All I am saying is there have been a few times where they included some files that were GSM-specific, and that caused errors. Virtually no one who installs their builds would ever even notice these errors, and I am not convinced that those errors actually have any impact on any device's performance. My preference, however, is to eliminate all possible errors in my builds...and I build for and run a GSM device.

    I hope that clarifies my comments.
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    02-20-13 02:00 AM
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    I hope that clarifies my comments.
    Yes, it does. Thank you very much.
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    02-20-13 05:39 PM

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