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    Don't miss a shot while trying to get the right camera open, and don't annoy people around you with a flashing red light or loud shutter sound.

    Set your camera button to Camera Widget. Clicking the button (or app icon) shows a selector with 4 different cameras:

    Camera Widget - New App-vecselcw1-360.jpg

    Gesture toward one using touchscreen, trackpad, or trackball:

    ★ Gesture LEFT for Regular Still Camera.

    ★ Gesture RIGHT for Regular Video Recorder (with flashing indicator light).

    ★ Gesture DOWN for Courtesy (quiet) Snapshot Camera (adjustable vibe instead of shutter sound).

    ★ Gesture UP for Courtesy (LED-free) Video Recorder (indicator light flashes once or twice when recording starts, but does not continue flashing).

    Optionally dims backlight to extend battery life and avoid annoyance while taking video or snapshots in courtesy mode.

    Adds option to video camera menu to turn red flasher on or off; backlight is normal when flasher is on, i.e. for usability of viewfinder in daylight use. Courtesy mode turns off the flasher and dims the backlight for situations such as recording a well-lit ceremony or stage scene while sitting in a darkened audience area; a bright screen and flashing light would be so distracting to others behind you that you might pass on recording to avoid annoying them. With Camera Widget, you can go ahead and record with much less chance of annoying anyone. The quiet Snapshot Camera serves the same purpose, but for still pictures. Please note that quiet snapshots are taken at viewfinder quality, not the full resolution of the regular Still Camera; this is a technical limitation of the phone.

    Please also note: this is a renewable Test-Drive, not a free app.

    Thank you for your kind attention, and here it is for OS 5 to 7.x
    06-12-14 08:43 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    06-12-14 07:18 PM

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