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    it seems like Sprint users are experiencing some bugs that other carriers are not. let try to gather up some info, so we can see what is the best Beta combination for us.

    I tried 7.14... Had "provisioning" bug about once a day... everything else was GREAT.

    Then upgraded to 7.15.. worked fine a few days.. then "provisioning" bug almost every call, lost use of my camera, and video camera.

    Now, testing straight.... Haven't had any "provisioning" bugs in the last 3 days.... but do have some other minor player and profile bugs.... Also, seems as its not as smooth as in 7.15.

    In all 3 cases... PRL turned to zero after reboot and .230 radio was used.

    What have your experiences been...
    12-29-09 03:31 PM
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    I manually update my PRL after a battery pull and set network to "home only"... mine still does it with 7.15 on 2.30 radio, come on RIM with an official os :/
    12-29-09 05:21 PM
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    I did the 230 without any hybrid. I am having no real problem other than with Cryprmagic. The selected line does not show the font.

    The OS is working fine. No issues with it at all other than I lost the BES. Will have to wait till everyone comes back on the 4th.
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    12-29-09 08:02 PM
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    I ran .230 for a week or two and it was fine until I had to send my service books cause I wasn't getting my emails. Then I ran the new hybird and I went three days until the prl popped up. I notice when I updated my profile and tried to make a call it popped up. I noticed when I sent my service books I got the prl pop up. When I just updated the prl without doing anything else it was fine. I had fun with the hybird and the leaked os but I'm back on the stock because I was away when I started having problems and I didn't have my own pc so I'll just wait for the official. I read on he that sprint tour wasn't ready for the 5.0 os that's why we get the pop ups but when I used .303 and .273 leaked os the prl was already set. I could wait for the official it was fun now I'm in hybird rehab......lmao

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    12-29-09 11:28 PM
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    I have tried every setting I can think of but I still get the provisioning bug no matter what hybrid I use. I have gone 2 days without the bug but it always appears. Bug appears to be in the radio file. The brief time I spent using the .303 radio file I could barely use the phone so I don't know if the bug was fixed. Guess we will have to wait for another leak or the official OS but I am willing to help find a solution if its possible. I believe someone @ BBHybrids was making some headway by changing the Home SID but I haven't personally tried.
    12-30-09 10:58 AM
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    For those of you experiencing Sprint PRL issue, check out this thread --> Good chance I fixed Sprint PRL issue! - BBHybrids Forums
    12-30-09 11:02 AM
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    i have been running the stock .230 for about 24 hours now, the only 2 issues i seem to have is my Google Mobile App works, but clicking on 'News' does nothing, the browser never opens, nada. No luck hitting menu and 'Launch News', either.

    Other issue is with with the Music player. Sometimes, when the next track starts, I just get silence...I look at the Berry, and the track is playing, but no sound (with the headset in). I stop it, restart it, and it seems to work. That happened a couple times during my 35 minute commute this morning.

    Besides that, loving 5.0, next step trying to get a hybrid on here (on a Mac...ouch).

    12-30-09 03:44 PM
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    I ran .230 for about two weeks with only a couple issues; locked during initialization during install, text from other people who had blackberries would get all kinds of messed up if I didn't delete the threads every few days, some installs took two or three tries, then I started deleting apps I never used and EVERYTHING went to s**t. So I reinstalled 4.7 and immediately put back on .230 and have had no issues at all. Install went smoothly took less than 20 mins, no ses or BBM issues and the battery actually lasts longer though I do notice that my signal seems lower even when I can see the tower I'm using, but what's 3 bars instead of 5? Also no issues with PRL, so little so that I don't don't know what it is, but if it ain't broke don't fix it I say.
    01-02-10 05:58 AM
  9. earthshaker78's Avatar

    Been running pure .230 for almost a week.. got provisioning bug once about every other day... Big improvement from 7.15

    Only thing i noticed that concerns me is the battery life... it drains a bit quicker than the hybrid... but something im willing to sacrifice to avoid the often "provisioning" and frequent reboots of hybrid...
    01-03-10 03:07 PM