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    I hate to admit defeat, but I have a calendar issue that has me stumped.

    Throughout the last 5 years spanning multiple BB devices, I have not had any issues regarding the calendar. Suddenly, about 3ish days ago, my popup calendar notification box stopped, well, popping up. Instead, at appointment time, I do hear the tone I have set for it, and my LED starts flashing. Actually, I have the calendar LED disabled, and it is BeBuzz's LED flashing. Still, because I cannot snooze or dismiss the reminder, the LED will keep flashing and I will hear the notification tone repeat every 5 minutes (the repeat notification time I have set in BeBuzz).

    I have tried the following:

    - multiple battery pulls
    - disabling BeBuzz (enabled = No)
    - restoring the calendar using BB Protect
    - deleting each and every calendar instance until the number of entries = 0
    - deleting every CICAL service book
    - resending service books, and deleting all except one (which becomes my default)
    - setting keep appointments to 30 days (was 60 days)
    - changed reminder settings (enable/disable/save)
    - display reminders is on
    - checked default services

    After a cleared calendar (0 entries), I will create a test appointment, but still the same behavior.

    The only thing I have not tried yet is an OS reload, and/or deleting the calendar database using DTM and restoring it.

    The main reason I have not yet done the reload is that I am not home to do it; HOWEVER, this also just started, about 3 days ago, on the wife's BB (me: 9860 os, her: 9360 on os 7.1 [don't recall exact version]).

    We do have some shared calendar appointments, and multiple recurring appointments. Still, the number of appointments I deleted was 61, not a terribly large number.

    I am on BIS, no BES stuff, no IT policy. I do not sync to Outlook. I do not sync calendars.

    The only way to clear a calendar notification/reminder is to reboot. Even using the LED Reset app only works for 5 minutes until my next reminder.

    Any ideas?
    06-11-12 03:49 PM
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    OK, figured it out. After doing a Calendar database wipe using Desktop Manager and finding that the issue still persisted; we turned elsewhere. The key was that two BB's for which calendar notifications were working fine last week both were affected. What did we both install this weekend?

    The wife jogged me. We both upgraded Hookt Messenger from v1.6 to v1.7 this weekend.

    Uninstalled Hookt -- calendar notifications worked.

    Reinstalled Hookt -- calendar notifications stopped working.

    Uninstalled Hookt -- notifications worked again.

    Reinstalled Hookt but didn't sign in -- notifications stopped working.

    Tried again one more time testing with and without BBM Connected checked off -- made no difference: as long as Hookt was installed, the calendar notification popup would not come up and there was no way to dismiss the appointment, and so the LED remained flashing and reminder continued to sound until reboot.

    v1.6 worked fine so it's specific to v1.7. I'll PM the developers and let them know. Just posting this in case others run into this issue.
    06-11-12 08:04 PM
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    Thanks for the message. There was an issue with notifications on the new version of Hookt for BlackBerry 1.7.0 . We have found the root of the problem and we just released an updated version 1.7.1 which should fix all related bugs. It should be up in the App World fairly soon!

    We apologize for the inconvenience guys! Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. If you're still experiencing issues please contact us so we can investigate.

    Thank you!
    06-12-12 02:08 PM
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    First, thank you very much for the quick response and updated version!

    I've now updated to 1.7.1, but unfortunately, in my case at least, the calendar popup issue still persists even following a battery pull (I just tried a test appointment). I have temporarily uninstalled Hookt again, and now my calendar popup test works (to duplicate: just set an appointment a few minutes into the future and set the reminder time to 0 minutes prior).

    Again, thanks for your quick response and looking forward to having the best of both worlds (Hookt & Popup Appointment reminders).

    06-12-12 04:39 PM
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    Hey, not a problem! thanks for pointing out this issue.

    We actually tested the new version again and came up with an updated release - 1.7.2.- that should fix ALL bugs, you can find it on our website on hookt.com/bbinstall - the same 1.7.2. version should be available fairly soon in the App World.

    Thank you! Appreciate your comments
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    06-12-12 07:07 PM
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    My humble thanks. Both my Calendar popups and Hookt are working perfectly now.

    Thumbs up for great communication, and bug stompage.
    06-13-12 08:50 AM
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    My thanks to both of you, Klotar for pursuing this issue and Hookt for responding so promptly. I have just started experiencing the same problem (almost identical) and have just had the opportunity to begin removing recently installed apps. Hookt was the next one to try. Thanks also to this great CrackBerry Forum, I have the solution.

    Uninstalled Hookt 1.7, rebooted and BAM. 3 preset notifications for today started screaming! Unfortunately App World, South of the Border (US) is not yet showing 1.7.2 as of tonight. Hopefully it will appear in the next few days.

    Thanks again!!
    06-14-12 07:18 PM
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    Hello Slotime!

    The new version should be up in the App World in your region, if you have any questions or you don't see it let us know and we'll see what's up.

    Thanks for your message and your feedback! Happy Monday

    The Hookt Team
    06-18-12 11:58 AM