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    Hey guys- I figured I would post this here, as it gets much more attention than the 8830 forum.

    I'm running the latest known Sprint OS, on an 8830WE.

    Earlier today, I entered a recurring calendar event into my calendar. The event is setup to occur every Monday through Thursday this month, and end on July 31st. After saving the entry, I can see in the month view that it was posted every M-T in my calendar as it should have been, with the little blue circular arrow icon next to it (to indicate its a recurring event).

    Now for the proglem: When I revisit the calendar a few minutes later, I noticed that the little blue icon is gone, and the events are no longer linked together. If I delete one, it does not ask me to delete one or the entire series...it just simply deletes the one entry. For some reason, the calendar is unlinking the recurring events-which in my case is going to be a HUGE issue, because I'm going to be inputting recurring events like this for the next year, and once a month ill need to delete the previous months entries. When the events are linked together as a "recurring event", if you delete one, you have the option of deleting the entire series. However, since the link is breaking somehow, I need to delete them individually.

    When I first found this issue, I had to individually delete almost 300 entries...yikes.

    I've tried re-creating the event and am just running into the same problem over and over. For some odd reason, the calendar won't keep the recurring events linked together, and once I close out of the calendar and reopen them - they're all individual events. On top of that, the reminder for each event sets back to the default.

    I should mention I am running Facebook 1.6, with a seperate calendar for birthdays. I am also running Google Sync...which I think may be contributing to this issue. I sync my BB to Google, which syncs my MacBook Pro, and iPod Touch calendars/address books...I am going to try creating the recurring event on the computer and then later on the iPod and see what happens, but in the meantime - I would like to hear from anyone who has experienced this issue with recurring events. Thanks!


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    I am running OS, officially released by Telus, on my Verizon 8830. I'm not seeing that issue. Perhaps you could try that version, unless the beta you are running has some specific function you require?
    07-06-09 09:20 PM
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    Sorry-i should have been more specific-im running the latest Sprint 8830 OS. I'd rather not put a Telus OS on my device...I'm finicky like that...lol.

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    I've also just entered in the same event, with a different time, for Fridays for the entire month-to end at the end of the month as well...same outcome...they've become unlinked as well...odd!

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    07-06-09 09:25 PM
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    Bump...any ideas guys?

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