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    I'm hoping someone can help me. Since upgrading to the latest T-Mobile 7.1 on my 9900 my calendar entries are not synching correctly. An entry for an "all day" event (a birthday for example) is listed as lasting two days even though when you open the event on the 9900 "all day" is checked. I've never had this issue before. I synch with outlook, by the way. I'm wondering if there is a setting on my 9900 that I'm missing that is making this happen. I've cleared the calendar on both the phone and through DM and after re-syching both times this issue continues. Any ideas??
    03-27-12 07:19 PM
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    i tried wiping the device and updating to the latest leaked os for the 9900 and I'm still having this issue.

    Only since using 7.1.

    Anyone have any idea's??
    03-28-12 10:35 AM
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    I have had the same thing happen a few times.... the only way to fix it is to go into each calendar entry and fix.

    I cannot pin point what makes it happen.
    03-28-12 10:42 AM
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Wow. That sucks. I've got over a hundred calendar entries and almost all of them are effected. Kind of makes using outlook to enter everything in a waste of time. I need to keep searching, there must be something better...
    03-28-12 10:45 AM
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    Are both Outlook and your device calendar entries up to date?

    You can connect your device to DM and wipe out your calendar on the device. Then you can do a one way sync from Outlook to the device.
    03-28-12 10:53 AM
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    That's what I've done. Started with a wiped device (reloaded the os) then loaded via DM with a one-way synch (which is what I've always done) to the device. I also cleared the calandar and reloaded via DM (one way) a couple of times before I wiped the device and it didn't work either. My guess is I've got some setting in os 7.1 that I don't realize is causing this (or maybe on the DM). Its odd. Never had this iisue before with any of the other two devices I've had or the many OS's I've tried.
    03-28-12 11:44 AM
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    Play around with your time zone settings maybe? Maybe it is overlapping at the midnight point and reading it as a two day event.

    Check time zone in Outlook and device.
    03-28-12 11:57 AM
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    That's a good idea. I'll check that. Its frustrating. I've never had any wierd issues with my blackberry's before. Need to play some moreand figure this out.
    03-28-12 12:05 PM
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    Also, after searching a bit, check your reminders. Some have had it where if the reminder was set to 15 minutes it conflicted and the midnight point and reads it as a two day event. Weird, but definitely not right.

    If I recall correctly I noticed this happened to me and I changed those reminders to well before 15 minutes, more like hours before and I have not seen the issue in a while.
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    03-28-12 12:13 PM
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    Calendar sync...possible solution

    Please understand this may not be exactly what you're looking but:

    Here's what I discovered, give it a shot. it's a working workaround, sorry it's not perfect, but you

    don't have to deal with millions of duplicates when you attempt to sync your Google Sync with the BB

    calendar app.

    Do this:
    Sign in to your Google account using BB's web browser. Then access the Calendar feature from a WEB PAGE.

    Do NOT use the BB Calendar application that's built into the memory. Google's mobile Calendar page will

    show you an agenda and a Quick Add space where you can add new events to your calendar WITHOUT EVER USING

    THE BB CALENDAR APP. It will sync to your Google calendar, and the only difference is, you bookmark in

    your Web favorites to access your calendar app. With BB's push browser, you'll stay as synced as you

    possibly can in real time, AND YOU ONLY HAVE TO INPUT AN APPOINTMENT ONCE FOR IT TO STICK. And best of

    all, NO DUPES!

    Sorry if I am on the late freight, but hey, it took me a few weeks on my new BB 9360 Curve to get it to

    work this way. Hope it helps!

    One more thing...make sure you hide the BB calendar so you don't accidentally access it instead of the


    Update: I've using this procedure since I first posted on 4/10/12 with NO PROBLEMS...NONE!!!
    04-15-12 06:52 PM
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply but I'm synching with Outlook. I don't use google calendar.

    I still haven't figured out what the issue is, although I've been really busy lately with work and grad school so I haven't put alot of effort into it recently. Maybe this week I can try to again to figure it out.
    04-15-12 09:09 PM