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    I just recently got the bold 9900 and yesterday I updated the OS to 7.1.

    Something went wonky during the process I think and a bunch of applications went missing - such as app world, password keeper and a few others. I had to redownload all my previous apps as well. I think this was just a problem with the restore.

    But the biggest problem is that somehow my entire calendar got switched to share with my BBM groups. Fortunately they are only friends in my groups, but I really have to get rid of them all. The BBM groups aren't even showing up in my BBM anymore, even though all my contacts are.
    I've tried going into the events in my own calendar and tried switching the "Send Using" but I can't seem to change them - maybe it's because it's a past event.

    I was really enjoying the bold 9900 until all of this weirdness, please someone help.
    My friend's have tried re adding me to the groups, and was only successful in adding me back to one of them. I have no idea what's going on. To the group I was added back into, I can go in and delete all the events added, but the other group can still see them.

    Please help!

    Thank you

    Edit: After a momentary freak-out I went into my personal calendar and deleted all my events (which was not fun in the least). This deleted the events in both groups (the one I was added back into, and the one that I can't seem to see even though my friends tell me it says I'm still in the group).

    I would still like some advice in case something like this ever happens again. I am now very nervous about using the calendar application and would like to know a way to make sure this doesn't happen to ease my anxiety.
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    Hi JGK, I completely understand, I had the same issue when I swapped devices last year. Here's a quick tip to set the default on your device so when you create a new calendar entry it will use the one you want instead of inadvertently selecting BBM groups (which might be set as your default now). http://crackberry.com/quick-tip-how-...our-blackberry. Please let me know if that helps

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