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    Good Morning Dear Community,

    please except my english, its a little roasty....

    So, i got an problem since the update on my bold to the .190.

    I can't receive SMS.

    When i put my SIM Card in another Phone like e.g. a Nokia, it works. But then only the new SMS are arriving. The person got a transmission report, there is everything okay. nothing fails....

    my opinion was: the .190 was buggy.... so far, so good....

    yesterday i made the update to the .238.

    No i can send sms from my bold, works really fine....

    but receiving already not working....

    it wont kill me, but its a little bit a annoying thing....

    i looked in the www, i asked google, but therefor it seems to be, that i'm the only one with this problem!?!

    here are some steps, what i had already done:

    - few akku pulls
    - FW update to .238
    - SMS Center is correct
    - SMS sending time maximum
    - network for sending: PS / CS (switched for simetimes)
    - send as: Text
    - valid until: maximum
    - SIM Card in another phone: works
    - its a new SIM Card, only a few weeks old

    i think, that was all....

    BTW: my provider is VF Germany

    Thanks for your help!

    Best regards,

    10-08-09 01:41 AM