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    Hey guys

    new to the forums.

    I recently did a software update to os 7.1 through dm. It was working great for the last week and a bit. Yesterday i plugged in an AUX cable for my speakers at work and everything went nuts and the phone froze.

    I read up on another forum that it was a bbm software bug and an update would solve it. I did that then my phone kept restarting for about 45 minutes.

    After I got home from work today I decided to just re-install os 7.1 and now everything has gone down the drain. The software install keeps failing no matter which version of os7 i use.

    Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions? I really need my bold for work and I don't have time to send it off to RIM for 2 months.


    Bold 9900 with Telus
    03-20-12 08:33 PM
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    Please tell us how software install fails so we can help. what error messages are you getting? what OS version did you have initially before the upgrade?

    Can you go back to that version? say 7.0.xxx?
    05-01-12 08:42 PM
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    If DM or Apploader do not recognize the OS in your devie you might need to wipe your BB. Once you wipe your device you can install from scratch any OS version (as long as you have previously installed it in your pc).

    I had a similar problem a while ago and in the end wiping was the easiest way out. (I only hope you have a recent data backup to restore afterwards!).

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    05-03-12 05:51 PM