05-31-12 04:02 PM
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    Solution found:

    After weeks of trying all the methods I could find in this forum and also other forums, I came to a conclusion that seems like v.448 DOES NOT support Chinese Pinyin Input at all at this moment, not even the Official OS v.448 by Vodafone Germany.

    So, for anyone who needs to use Pinyin Input, the only solution is to use Baidu Pinyin Input v. application for Blackberry.

    Use your BB browser and download OTA at m.geekbb.net/baiduinput.html

    It works great on my 9700 OS

    *Special credit for replayxxx who posted on this forum
    Just tried it but there is no traditional chinese and I haven't found how to use it outisde of Baidu Note...too bad
    04-21-11 07:54 AM
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    is there any way to type in korean? i can still read in korean but i cant type.... before i updated it worked fine until i updated my os to 6...... HELP
    05-28-12 03:42 AM
  3. PimpMyBBM.com's Avatar
    Rybochen: try your Users directory
    05-31-12 04:02 PM
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