1. ToRIMorNot's Avatar
    I lost a blackberry phone about a year ago and had my provider wipe it clean. I was told by friends that my Blackberry contact name on Blackberry Msgnr changed to another name. I deleted my e-mail account yesterday and then resynced my e-mail account again. My phone prompted me to resync my contacts and I selected yes. Now, my profile display name is another person's name as well as picture. I can see a number of his contacts too along with my contacts. My name updated after a while on my friends phones but it still displays my old profile picture.

    I contacted my provider, RIM and also went to a customer support store and no one can help me! RIM's suggestion was to uninstall the app. Bottom line- has my privacy been compromised? How do you think this happened? Are pins not phone dependent?
    06-01-12 11:18 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    It sounds like your PIN was never properly reported as lost or stolen by your provider and is now in use by someone else. I would contact your provider again and have this escalated to RIM. You should probably insist that the device be blacklisted as lost or stolen.
    06-04-12 06:29 PM