1. Emeraldmirror's Avatar
    I recently updated my messenger to blackberry messenger 5.0, which is okay, but i can't send pictures. I mean i hate the new picture feature anyway, but I can't send them, i can receive them, but when i try to send it just sits at "so and so has accepted your picture.... sending (0.0k). I tried deleting it and reinstalling, but it still doesn't work. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    10-20-09 09:37 PM
  2. Emeraldmirror's Avatar

    so no one else is having this issue?

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    10-22-09 11:32 PM
  3. Jake513's Avatar
    I am too....
    10-24-09 08:21 PM
  4. geargirl1's Avatar
    me three!!!I also cant enlarge the picture before i accept it and have it go directly to memory!
    10-26-09 07:32 PM
  5. Emeraldmirror's Avatar
    I complained to a friend who works at rim, she said she'd open a ticket for me.. i'll get back to you when i find out more information

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    10-26-09 09:51 PM
  6. Rhanda W's Avatar
    I am having the same issue as well.

    It is not sending or receiving.
    10-28-09 01:46 PM
  7. KillYouWithMyMind's Avatar
    Is this the new BBM 5.0?

    If so, I saw a thread in the General Discussion forum about some people having the same issues. Here's a link.
    10-28-09 05:32 PM
  8. Emeraldmirror's Avatar
    yes it is the new bbm 5.0 about 60% of the time the pictures that i try to receive won't send either

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    11-03-09 10:40 PM
  9. Ghostnyc's Avatar
    There are some definite issues with BBM 5.0-

    Previously you were able to send a pic and simply view it or download it. in 5.0 you MUST download to view and if you do not download almost immediately picture/file expires.

    Also in BETA version of 5.0 BBM contacts displayed a red phone as a status, if they happened to be on a phone call. This was awesome feature that disappeared with official release.

    Anyone have any clues as to why and how we can get these features back??

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    11-11-09 09:46 AM