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    Hi people,

    So yesterday I decided to update my blackberry after a few months or so. So since I couldnt find my installation CD I went to go download the latest software from the blackberry website and I guess I forgot to check off (or keep checked i forget which one is which) the one to keep bbm on it and now its gone.

    I then went back to the software and tried to get it on and according to the software update it is on my phone and installed on it but I just cant see it in my messenger programs list.

    So can I get any help on this?
    12-26-09 11:33 AM
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    Simply reinstall it from this OTA link:

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    12-26-09 07:44 PM
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    You can also try www.blackberry.com/messenger from the browser and itll give you the most up to date one
    12-29-09 01:45 PM
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    But I have a problem with getting to that link because with my data plan that I have it doesnt include web browsing. All I have it for is emails and instant messenging.

    This is so agravating because once the update came out originally I was able to do it perfectly without any issues on the home screen. But now everytime I try it says "903 Loss of Service HTTP Error 400".

    12-30-09 12:54 AM
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    Don't know how without a browser you did that, but I sent you an email and have a solution.

    For the record, both those OTA links essentially are the same.

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    12-30-09 06:23 AM