1. chrisaolsen76's Avatar
    Help! I just installed a 4 GB SD media card and my Blackberry Messenger messages keep disappearing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. What can I do???
    07-18-09 05:12 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    There should not be any connection between the two. Your messages are saved in device memory, not on the media card.

    If you have made a backup, they can be recovered, to that point.

    Just for clarity, have you lost BlackBerry Messenger data or Text Message data? If it is actualy text messages, there is another possible explanation, low memory.

    BlackBerry does not consider SMS text to be high priority, they are subject to being purged, if memory drops into the device reserve limit. Older OS version, that is 12 Mb, newer v4.5xx OS can be set to 5 Mb.
    07-18-09 06:24 PM