1. kaleeeed's Avatar
    is there a way i can use blackberry messenger just using wifi? i dont have data plan and it isnt working? do i need to do something?
    04-11-10 01:44 AM
  2. fedge's Avatar
    im pretty sure you need to have a data plan.
    04-11-10 01:45 AM
  3. Cross's Avatar
    You need a data plan.
    04-11-10 01:58 AM
  4. Elite1's Avatar
    Only if your carrier has an IM only plan, like the Student Plan available from Telus.

    Otherwise, carriers would require a data plan. If you don't have a data plan, you typically would not even be able to see the BBM icon with most carriers.

    Which company is your carrier? Can you see the BBM icon? It would be in the Instant Messaging folder and also in the App Switcher, which is accessed by holding down the MENU button. (aka BB button, to left of trackpad.)

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    04-11-10 02:06 AM
  5. kaleeeed's Avatar
    i can see the bbm icon, and i can log in, just no requests go through. and i have tmoible
    04-11-10 02:32 AM
  6. 647berry's Avatar
    pretty sure you need bis to get bbm, to get bis you need data
    04-11-10 03:11 AM
  7. vanesserstation's Avatar
    Yup your missing a data plan.
    04-11-10 03:19 AM
  8. fatih.kurnaz's Avatar
    yup you can't use bbm without bis..
    after bis activation you can use it via Wi-Fi..
    it's good solution for roamers...
    totaly free..
    04-11-10 03:22 AM
  9. canadian student's Avatar
    as everyone has said, data plan is needed.
    04-11-10 02:12 PM
  10. cabletow's Avatar
    I guess you can use windows/yahoo etc messenger as you want

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    04-11-10 02:58 PM
  11. Mamaluka's Avatar
    yahoo messenger also will not work on wifi without a data plan
    04-11-10 03:13 PM
  12. M7mdAA's Avatar
    To get the most out of your blackberry , you need a data plan
    04-11-10 04:18 PM