1. Volareman's Avatar
    I'm confused. I have my email with Exchange 365 and happily use my Blackberry 9900 whenever I switch back. Looks like BBCS is dead? Is that true? The last time I used it was June/July 2016.

    Is it DEAD dead, not dead and I'm confused, or not dead but you need to pay RIM something?
    11-16-16 05:26 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    BB doesn't even support it anymore. Deader than dead.

    BlackBerry Business Cloud Services End of Sale and Support

    The End of Support date is the last date that the service will be in operation. After this date, devices that are using the service will no longer synchronize any data with Office 365. This does not affect your data stored in Microsoft Office 365 in any way. End of support also means the admin console for the service will no longer be available to manage devices, policies or configuration.
    11-16-16 06:08 PM

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