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    Hi All -

    So I picked up a mint Bold 9900, and activated it on Simple Mobile Prepaid. Worked perfectly - Registered automatically on BIS, and I was able to set up an Exchange account and a google account right from the device. I also updated my e911 profile. So, email, data, text, and phone are working perfectly. My remaining issues:

    1) Exchange contacts and calendar - while both look to be set up on the blackberry, I have zero contacts and no calendar entries on the device. Is this supposed to work through BIS? any thoughts on how to do it?

    2) Gmail contacts - while my gmail calendar is syncing fine, Gmail contacts did not sync. Thoughts?

    3) Wifi Calling - The bold supports the modern T-Mobile WiFi Calling, and Simple Mobile appears to support it as well since they're a TMO MVNO. However, after 24 hours and double checking my e911 registration...still not working. I will call Simple Mobile, but thought I'd ask here as well.

    Any advice would be most appreciated. I am loving the phone. Next up - a new battery that is not 5 years old...
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    09-29-17 10:37 AM
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    I just ordered an Unlocked Bold 9900 to also use on SimpleMobile with BIS and my secondary line, replacing my Classic on AT&T. I saw on CB Forums that this was one of the only prepaid carriers that supported BIS still which is awesome!! What plan did you end up going with? On their website it looks like all the old Blackberry plans are outdated. I was wanting to activate with their new cheaper plans. 1gb for $25. If it works with BIS that's a steal!!

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    10-31-17 01:46 PM
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    Also, we're you able to get your contacts from Gmail and your WiFi calling working?

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    10-31-17 01:47 PM

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